Fachjan exotic trees on transport

Exotic plants from Costa Rica to Honselersdijk

Fachjan Project Plants has 45,000 m2 of private greenhouses, full of tropical and subtropical green plants, ranging in size from small to gigantic. The three generations of Fachjans can be found at the nurseries of suppliers, at architects’ agencies and at landscaping firms all over the world.

For these customers, VDH picks up exotic plants from all parts of the world, which are shipped through the port of Rotterdam to the nursery in Honselersdijk. We process several containers per week, VDH not only being responsible for the ocean freight, but also for customs clearance and transport to the Fachjan nursery.

We, the Freight Managers, were recently responsible for the import of a number of tropical trees. These trees were sent by the nursery in Costa Rica. We have our own office in Costa Rica, which ensure that all projects in South America can be managed without problems.

The tropical trees were first transported by a local carrier and then shipped by sea container to the port of Rotterdam. We picked up the goods in Rotterdam. The goods were then physically inspected, because as the carrier of conditioned goods we expect that the products are delivered to the customer in the same quality.

When the trees are prepared for sale by the customer, VDH again transports them to the rest of Europe. For instance to projects, but also to zoos etc..

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Bram Heerschap

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