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VDH Company has 6 locations, 3 of which do fruit handling. The seasons determine what comes to us. Grapes, oranges, avocado or mango; they all have their own period in the year. The calendar year starts with grapes, followed by the citrus. These are mostly oranges from South Africa.

Because we want to serve our customers in the fruit sector as well and as broadly as possible, the men and women in our warehouse like to go the extra mile when necessary. Do you want to know more about our fruit handling? Read below what we do at which location year-round.

In Moerdijk we have nine modern temperature-controlled cold stores with space for no less than 4,000 pallets. The annual 'rush hours' takes place between February and May, when all products arrive at the same time. In addition to grapes and citrus, there are also bananas, mango and avocados in the cold store. The shipping area is of course conditioned with loading docks so that the cooling chain is not interrupted.

All our branches have the necessary certifications that are needed to provide optimum service. There is a highly motivated team in Moerdijk and we work with modern forklifts equipped with a scanning system. Freight arrivals in the morning can be removed via cross dock, sometimes the same day.

Read about our IFS-certificate

Grapes, bananas and soft fruit in Hazeldonk

At our location in Breda, on the Hazeldonk industrial estate, we mainly receive grapes, bananas and soft fruit. This location is the largest in terms of the available cooling space and, linked to this, also the largest in the number of incoming containers per day. Of course, this also means an impressive flow of outgoing goods.

Much of the soft fruit is processed into retail packaging by packers who are in-house with us. A ripening plant for mango and avocados completes this location.

Lees more about Hazeldonk

The heart of the fruit and vegetable auction in Ridderkerk

At the Ridderkerk location, both the seasonal rhythm and the products that arrive are different from the other locations. This location is located in the heart of the Barendrecht fruit and vegetable auction and therefore ideal for fruit companies that only sell a few pallets to their customers; a well-known phenomenon in Barendrecht, where trucks collect their cargo all over the industrial area and then close the doors to drive to their destination.

In addition to the many citrus trees and grapes that we process here, Ridderkerk is also the home of the coconut packaging department

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