New VDH office in Hazeldonk

VDH Company opened a branch in Breda in September 2018. It concerns the warehouse of formerly Mooy Logistics on the Hazeldonk industrial estate. VDH Company takes over the work at this location and continues it under the name VDH Cool Logistics BV.

At this location we have 6400 pallet places available spread over several cells. Separate temperature control makes it possible to store different types of fruit without any problems.

The Hazeldonk location is set up for (citrus) fruit, bananas and soft fruit. We also offer repack work at this location in order to arrive at the desired retail or wholesale packaging.

The ergonomic, elongated shape of the building makes it possible to work extremely efficiently. There are 39 docks available with each space to prepare multiple truck or container loads. This means that large quantities of trucks and containers can be loaded and unloaded in a short time. This is important for fresh produce where peaks can sometimes be seen in both delivery and delivery.

The building has modern facilities, for drivers there is a central counter where they can report. They can also use the canteen, coffee and showers.

With this expansion, VDH Company can serve its customers even better with cooling storage, transport and distribution.

Contact for more info

Harry van Alphen

+31 612 060 734

Harry van Alphen