VDH goes abroad!

The Netherlands is already the most important transit country for transports to the European hinterland. In logistics, this has led to a very intensive cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany. VDH Company is therefore proud to announce that we are expanding to Germany and that we have been able to add the company VIP GmbH in Cologne to the VDH Group.

New knowledge, new challenge!

VIP GmbH has been a reliable, solid service provider in logistics since 1999. They specialize in repackaging overseas goods and have highly specialized knowledge and advanced machinery. This not only makes VIP an ideal partner to expand into the European hinterland, but also offers VDH new knowledge and expertise. This is advantageous for us and for our customers, which we can now serve even better.

VIP and VDH are no strangers to each other. Over the years we have established a very personal relationship with this German company. This has translated into a company policy and a business philosophy in which we see a lot of overlap. Examples include quality and performance-oriented work, a high degree of flexibility towards customers, friendly customer service with an emphasis on personal contact and well-trained and motivated staff.

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