About us

In our view, everything in life is going somewhere. Whether it’s people, companies or things. When it comes to this journey, it’s about much more than simply moving from A to B. We see this journey as an opportunity to add value. As an opportunity to arrive at the destination enriched.

And how we do that, add value? VDH can take care of your journey from A to B, but also your journey from A to Z: from the very first expedition activities to the careful delivery at the final destination or at our warehouse. From ocean freight and import to complete customs clearance services, quality control, repacking and conditioned storage. We ensure that your goods arrive safely, regardless of what needs to be done to make it happen.

As a medium-sized player on the market, we can offer you the best of both worlds. We are big enough to provide all the services and facilities that are expected of a professional carrier. But we are also small enough to be flexible and to be able to react quickly. We work in small teams with different specialisms. Where necessary, we can quickly scale up to increase capacity or respond to sudden changes in the schedule. This way, we can offer you all the facilities you need to ensure that your goods are not only transported, but that we can also add value during that journey ... We call that freight management!

Freight management is: offering a total supply chain solution. For us, it is more than just a word. We believe that making a journey is more than moving from A to B.