Coconut: from bulk to retail packaging

In Ridderkerk, VDH processes coconuts from bulk products to retail packaging. The coconuts come in nets that are stacked on pallets. The coconuts are currently supplied mainly from Ivory Coast and are stored, packaged and then prepared for pickup by the customer.

The coconut is actually not a nut but a stone fruit. The coconut contains a small amount of coconut water. A lapping sound with a coconut is a sign of freshness. Coconut milk is the coconut water mixed with squeezed pulp. The coconuts we pack are sold as a whole note via the retail channel.

When packing, the nets with coconuts are poured onto a sorting table after which the manual selection begins. With a trained eye, the employees check the coconuts and sort them by size. Because of the flexibility we have, the coconuts can be packaged in any desired packaging.

At the customer's request, stickers are added, a report is drawn up per batch, etc.

Do you want your coconuts stored or processed by us?

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Jan van Dongen

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