On the road with Hans and the terminal tractor

One of VDH's services is the transportation of full containers to the sea terminals and bringing the containers back to VDH. This is done using a terminal tractor. One of our Freight Managers who enjoys doing this is our Hans.


Hans has been a truck driver for 25 years and has been doing this job for 9 years now. He enjoys driving from the VDH warehouses to the CCT Moerdijk terminal every day. Did you know that you only need a tractor license for the terminal tractor?

What Hans likes most about his job is the freedom he has and the contact he has with both his colleagues at VDH and at the sea terminal. Everyone knows his name, and he knows theirs.

He enjoys keeping his tractor clean, which allows him to do his work comfortably in a clean and fresh environment.


At the container terminal

Upon arrival, you scan a card with data on it. This data is registered and verified through an app at the post. A ticket indicating your destination is dispensed from the post. Hans already knows all the locations by heart and doesn't really need the ticket.


When we are inside the terminal, I'm amazed. "What a vast area," I said to Hans, but he replied that this was nothing yet. We drive calmly to the spot where we are going to unload the container and receive the new one to drive back to VDH.

Een schip wordt geladen.


Below is an atmospheric impression of how the containers are loaded and unloaded. The collaboration between both parties is beautiful to witness.


It was quite an experience to go and ride along with Hans on the tractor and withness how the job is done at the terminal. I'm already looking forward to my next adventure!