Storage of the race cars in the VDH Warehouse

Warehousing and transport of race cars

For our customer Flex Modal Logistics B.V., we were involved in a project where we had to ship a number of rally cars to Argentina by sea after a race in Turkey.
Flex Modal Logistics B.V. asked the VDH Freight Managers to take care of the complete logistic handling process via the port of Rotterdam, under the supervision of its client.

The rally cars - with a high financial and emotional value for the teams and drivers - had to be unloaded at the VDH transhipment centre with the greatest possible care, after which the cars were inspected and loaded onto sea containers.

For this project, VDH was responsible for the complete handling of both loading and unloading, as well as the documentation and the reconciliation of the logistics just-in-time processes between the client Flex Modal Logistics B.V., the teams and other parties concerned, including the transhipment centre.

The entire project was carried out by the VDH Freight managers to the full satisfaction of the client and the various racing teams.

In addition to these projects, VDH also imports trucks and cars via the port of Rotterdam to the rest of Europe.

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Martijn Heestermans

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