At VDH, we ensure that things get done! That is why we also offer customs facility processing in addition to all our logistical facilities. Because if your goods have to go through customs, it is important that all laws are complied with and all procedures are followed. By doing so, we provide for a smooth flow and swift processing.

Customs documents

The processing of customs documents takes place by specially trained and independent customs agents. They can help, advise or assist you in all the formalities. Do you want them to take the entire customs process out of your hands? VDH can do it for you!
We can offer you the following services:
• Customs clearance of T1 goods
• The completion of T documents for export
• Fiscal representation of your company within the EU
• Drawing up the necessary Phyto documents

At VDH, we are always well prepared before the journey even starts. We have all the necessary licences for the import, export and transit of your cargo, without physically having to present them at the customs office. Customs declaration can take place at any desired location in the Netherlands.
Because we do more than transport, we also offer you:
• Modern, certified storage space, where you can take advantage of deferred payment of customs duties, VAT and excise duties
• Transit declarations
• Export documentation
• Import declarations
• Limited fiscal representation
• Storage at our own type C customs warehouse
• Digital T2L documentation
• Origin cases

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