Because your goods are not always on the move, but sometimes also need to be stored, repacked, cooled and inspected, VDH offers a state-of-the-art range of warehouse facilities and storage capacity.


Warehousing is one of the most important links in the chain of conditioned transport. To offer this service, we not only have 50,000 m2 storage capacity for dry products, but also modern cooled warehouses with 10,000 m2 storage capacity, certified as customs and inspection location. This storage is optimised for fruit and vegetables, with a focus on the storage of overseas fruit.

All products have to be stored separately, taking into account the different temperatures requirements and sensitivities. This is one of the techniques to be able to guarantee constant quality during transport and storage. Interim inspections by our quality specialists guarantees the value of your goods, so you can be sure that your transport arrives at its destination in the same condition.

In addition to logistics, storage and quality control, we offer additional services such as repacking, labelling and certified weighing of bananas. This way, we not only ensure the quality of your transport, but we can even add value to your product.


Your goods can be stored as ‘in transit’ or as ‘free goods’, either at our customs warehouse or via dock shelters. We have specialised in physical customs inspections and can carry out gas measurements ourselves. We can also repack, order pick, reload, seal, palletise and label goods for you.

You can rely on us for the following warehousing facilities:

  • Inspection of items, quantity, quality and condition.
  • Customs licencing for loading and weighing of consignments of bananas for immediate transit.
  • All customs facilities, including limited fiscal representation.
  • Transport with cold-storage trucks to all domestic and foreign destinations, both full loads as well as groupage.
  • Storage facilities for in-transit and free goods.
  • All freight is unloaded via dock shelters.
  • Option for repacking and additional packaging, as well as small packaging, order picking, reloading, sealing, palletising, etc.
  • Gas measurements.
  • Packing and preparing for supermarkets and retail customers.
  • Container transport, worldwide and from door-to-door.
  • Physical inspections in cooperation with the customs authorities.


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