General Conditions


Applicable to VDH offers/agreements/activities are general conditions as follows. In respect of (i) cold/freezing storage: NEKOVRI Conditions [2008] (to view click here); (ii) storage other than cold/freezing storage: (FENEX) Dutch Warehousing Conditions [1995] (click here); (iii) road transport: (Stichting Vervoeradres) General Transport Conditions [2002; version deposited at Rotterdam Court under no. 2/2015] (click here); (iv) any activities other than storage or road transport: (FENEX) Dutch Forwarding Conditions [2018] (click here). In case of doubt which of the beforementioned conditions apply, VDH decides. Replacing the jurisdiction/arbitration clauses in the conditions mentioned under (i), (ii) and (iii): in all cases, art. 23 of the Forwarding Conditions as mentioned under (iv) applies (to view said art. 23 click here).